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An Excellent Day Care Option in Lincoln

If you are  trying to find a reliable day care in the Lincoln area, Merry Manor School Of Childhood is a great match. We provide infant care, pre-school, day care, and school age care for children. We have decades of experience in an environment that is both stimulating and soothing. Your child will be cared for by professionals focused on providing high quality care.  We offer separate rooms for infants and toddlers and age-appropriate activities for all children. Learn more about our services below and please call if you want more information!
Child painting at easel in school in Lincoln

Infant Care

We have a dedicated infant room at Merry Manor School Of Childhood because we understand that infants need specialized care. Our infant teachers use the Beautiful Beginnings Curriculum in working with the infants as they achieve developmental milestones and tracking as their goals are met. Ask us for more information about our infant care.

Pre-School Curriculum

We utilize Creative Curriculum with our pre-school children.  Creative Curriculum allows our teachers to create a high quality learning environment.  The curriculum offers several different areas of study which provide hands on, project based investigations focusing on building children's confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  Creative Curriculum is used  by several child care and head start programs through-out the state including Lincoln Public Schools Pre-School programs.  Along with Creative Curriculum, we utilize the Second Step Social Emotional Skills for Early Learning Curriculum.  This Curriculum provides skills for learning empathy, emotional management, friendship and problem solving.  The curriculum also provides Kindergarten transition skills and is used in the Lincoln Public Schools for their pre-school classrooms as well.  

The children have access to interest areas set up around the room.  Specific activities are rotated through-out the year to provide the children with an enriching learning environment.

Art and Music

Art and music are two of the programs we offer at Merry Manor School Of Childhood. From finger painting to texture rubbings, our art activities are fun and engaging. Musical options include singing, rhythm band, musical games, and dancing. Children enjoy having the opportunity to express themselves in a creative environment.


Science is another interest area we provide for children who attend Merry Manor School Of Childhood. Topics can include everything from why things grow, to how hot air rises, and more! Let your child explore the mysteries of life, while learning more about how things work.

Other activities

Group time, free play time and cooking are other examples of things we make time for at Merry Manor School Of Childhood. There is always something going on that your child can participate in, and that you can feel good about. Contact us to learn about all of our learning opportunities.
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