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Our Child Care Team

The staff at Merry Manor School Of Childhood are members of a team and we work together to give you and your child the best care possible. Whether we are supervising free-play, working with a child who is creating an art masterpiece, or building verbal skills, we provide a high standard of care. We maintain quality staff-to-child ratio which means your child will have plenty of individual attention and we know that is important for you and your child.

Infant Care

We have a dedicated infant room at Merry Manor School Of Childhood because we understand that they need specialized care. Our infant teachers use the Beautiful Beginnings Curriculum in working with the infants as they achieve developmental milestones and tracking as their goals are met. Ask us for more information about our infant care.

Family focused

At Merry Manor School Of Childhood we believe strongly in the value of family and good communication. Whether it's something you feel is important for us to know, or something we want to share with  you, we communicate daily with our parents.  We work to build individual relationships with all of our families and keep the lines of communication open.  Talk with us any time!
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